Prisma Tevendhal
Prisma FullBody
Other names: Isma (by mom)
Redberry (by dad)
Race: Half-Elf : Wood Elf Variant
Gender: Female
Class: Lv. 5 Cleric
Specialization: Death
Sig. Weapon: Dual Scythe
Voice: Laura Bailey - English

Saori Hayami - Japanese

Background: Hermit
Alignment: True Neutral
Sexuality: Confused
Relatives: Kyro Tevendhal (Father)
Terisma Mirawood (Mother)
Affiliation: Ebon Triad (enemies)
Relationships: N/A

A charming half-elf cleric, wielding the power to raise or control the undead.

Background Edit

Born to two half-elves in a cave, Prisma grew into a life of hermitage. Her parents taught her everything they know as clerics of a dark secretive cult, while carefully downplaying its evil aspects. Around the age of 18 Prisma's magic and clerical abilities emerges along with the evidences of her connection with a dark god.

Personality Edit

Usually warm and welcoming. Prisma is optimistic and tries to be kind with anyone she have just met. But due to her hermitage, she lacks the knowledge about common courtesy and many social musings. She could be extremely direct and open about some of her opinions and there are times that she would do extreme things without warning.

Prisma is generally always concerned of her own well being and that of anyone who aids or honor her. She finds the death of any sort of pet or ally, very unpleasant and may immediately anger her. 

She isn't very strict about rules, or morals given she haven't really been subjected to many moral codes. She also respect everyone's belief and would refrain from arguing with followers of other deities. With the exception of the followers of Ioun or anyone who shows extreme greed for knowledge. 

Prisma falls under the true neutral alignment yet she teeters to chaotic or (very rarely) evil actions and emotions as a result of her hermitage and social ineptness. She may sometimes express apathy towards concerns she don't fully understand.

Quotes Edit

  • (to Draven) "What are those hanging between your legs?"
  • (to Draven) "Shhh. I'm a necromancer."
  • (to Kaerjin) "She was going to kill the party!" After being reprimanded for beheading a cultist.

Trivia Edit

  • N/A