Steve "the Obese"
Steve ynartistic
Other names: Quick Shot

Raps Windrunner

Race: Lightfoot Halfling
Gender: Male
Class: Ranger
Specialization: Hunter
Sig. Weapon: Shortbow
Voice: Alan Tudyk
Background: Custom
Alignment: True Neutral
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relatives: Bram Lightdraft (Adoptive father)

Stana Lightdraft (Adoptive mother)

Affiliation: N/A
Relationships: Shpressa

 Background Edit

Not much is known about Steve's life prior to his arrival at the human village he was raised in. Many believe that the young halfling ran away from home for reasons unknown. Others believe that he was abandoned by his family as a child. In reality, Steve himself didn't know if the stories held any truth.

Steve was found unconscious at the edge of the forest by a human baker who was out for a walk. The baker brought the child to his home, where he and his wife nursed Steve back to health. After weeks without news of anyone searching for a missing child, the two took it upon themselves to raise the boy as their own.

Though he was brought up by loving parents, many in the village shunned Steve for being different. The children of the village treated him harshly, moreso than any of the adults. He'd grown accustomed to the name-calling and bullying up until Draven, a human boy, stood up for him and kept the bullies at bay. Since then, the two had become inseparable.

As Steve grew, the feeling of being an outsider stayed with him, plaguing him for years to come. In an attempt to become accepted by the villagers, Steve trained as a hunter, joining the ranks of the village's hunting guild at the age of fifteen. The younger recruits doubted his abilities, but he was more than happy to prove them wrong when he returned to the village with a large boar he'd captured on his own.

But it still wasn't enough. A week after his nineteenth birthday, Steve bid his mother and father farewell in hopes that through his travels he will find his true purpose, and a place where he truly belongs 

Personality Edit


Quotes Edit

  • "Come here often?"
  • "It seemed like a good idea at the time."
  • "I pee on it."

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