Veris Andlar is a half-elven Eldritch Knight who roams Faerun in search of his origins. He is always seeking ways to further his arcane prowess while training (and often fighting) to improve his physical capabilities. It is his narrow-mindedness and stubborn tenacity that often gets him in trouble. He prefers solitude, but is often seen in the company of Team B (primarily for his own purposes).

Origin Edit

Veris Andlar grew up in the forests of Northwest Faerun, raised by his magical talking sword, Wade the Fourthwallbreaker. Veris was born of a noble high elven father who fell in love with a roaming adventurer. Veris' mother fled from her beloved, fearing the disgrace and pain they all would face from high-elven houses, and took to the forests of Northwest Faerun.

Upon reaching his early childhood, Veris has already learned how to survive in the wilderness, often under the guidance of his magical sword that he inherited from his mother who has passed away from unknown causes prior.

Veris grew up and ventured forth into finding his father, all the trials he faced alone have taught him his most core belief and it is that "no matter where you are, it is the powerful that triumph". From predators, to bandits, to kings in their lofty holds, this rule holds true for Veris and has been on his mind more than anything else. Believing that once he is powerful enough, nothing will stop him from finding the answers he needs.

Mines of Phandelver Edit

Veris joined an order during his journeys and was tasked to find a certain dwarf and take upon a quest. He was accompanied by a band of heroes called Team 1. They ventured forth to deliver a shipment of ancient dwarven dildos to an inn but were then ambushed. It was revealed that Team 1's client is missing and may be in danger. Team 1 triumphed several other encounters until eventually running into Team B where both teams joined forces to locate their missing client. The heroes found themselves tangled in a conspiracy over ancient mines and fought through to defend it.

In one of the encounters in the mines, the heroes were ambushed by a giant mechanical construct. It was beaten down until it started to leak, that is when Veris flung fire at it and the construct exploded. After the smoke and dust cleared, Veris got separated from the others. He is now currently wandering and training with his magical sword to further his wizardry skills.